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DPI Library Catalog

DPI Library's holdings are included within the University of Florida Libraries' online catalog, and may be searched via the above catalog link.

Search hints

  • The catalog uses relevancy-ranked keyword searching; enter distinct words or phrases in the search box (no abbreviations or truncated words unless using a Journal Title search)
  • To limit a particular search to only items held by DPI, do any search, then narrow the results by selecting "Division of Plant Industry" on the left column, under "Narrow Results by: Library/Collection"
  • Or, you may choose Advanced search, then select "Division of Plant Industry" from the Limit Search by/Location box
  • Some items in the DPI Library are not in the online catalog, including:
    • most documents/government reports
    • microforms
    • articles or issues from periodicals
    • DPI Archives materials

If you don't find what you need, please ask a member of the Library staff for assistance.

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Last modified September 3, 2014